Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Preston James Ephraim II, has been in the health scene for over 15 years. A board certified health and life coach and fitness trainer, in 2014 Preston expanded his vision to encompass a new venture–Mr. Organic. An online organic food and holistic product wholesale distributor, Mr. Organic’s Sunfood products can be found at both Lindo’s locations, SuperMart, Better Health, and NorthShore Medical & Aesthetic Center.

In 2016, MrOrganic in full swing and still coaching, Coach Ephraim recommended a juice cleanse to one of his clients. With a look too many coaches see far too often “help!” Preston agreed to create and deliver his suggested juice cleanse to what he would later find to be his first Om Juicery juice cleanse client.

And so it was born.

“My first experience with making smoothies and juices was at twelve, when a series of circumstances led me to not being able to chew. My mother and I blended all my food, which with the knowledge we had then was turkey, chicken, macaroni, greens, fruit and cereal.

Perfecting smoothies and juices for myself for years, I was eager to create a cleanse for someone else. Within 72 hours two of my nutrition and life coaching clients (who did not know each other) asked me to make them juices. It was a sign! Referral after referral has led me to owning the first cold-press juicery in Bermuda, OM Juicery.” – Preston James Ephraim II


“​While making juices I would chant or listen to inspirational songs. I believe chanting enhances the vitality of the juices. One day while doing 1O8 OM salutations, while juicing, I found myself overwhelmed. Tears forming, I had to stop juicing and grabbed a pen and piece of paper and wrote “OM Juicery” and that’s all she wrote!” – Preston James Ephraim II